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Custom speaker mount from IKEA Ekby Valter brackets

This post is written specially for IKEA Hackers, a weblog where guys with skillful hands tell how they turn common IKEA stuff into something extraordinary.

One day I realized that my speakers standing on a table are wasting space and it would be better to put them on a shelf or something. I already had a shelf over my table, but it was not as wide as it is needed to make speakers stand symmetrically. I didn't want to drill holes in speakers and screw simple wall mounts on. Another idea was to buy narrow shelves specially for speakers. But I didn't find anything of the suitable size in IKEA, so I decided to make them by myself. I wanted them to suit my Vika Amon table and Ekby Järpen/Valter shelf, all black. I came up with idea of buying Valter brackets in IKEA and a board in local home improvement store. But after some measurements I realized that a couple of wooden beams of the same section would be more simple and neat than a solid board.

Materials and tools

I used the following materials and tools:

  • four 18 cm Ekby Valter brackets (I bought untreated one to paint it at the same time with beams);
  • one 90 × 3 x 1.4 cm untreated wooden beam (size may vary depending on actual speaker size);
  • eight 8 mm dowels;
  • eight screws and wall plugs;
  • Behandla black glazing paint;
  • glue;
  • handsaw;
  • chisel;
  • file;
  • drill with 8 mm wood bit and 25 mm Forstner bit;
  • tape measure;
  • brush.

Here is expected result:

Speaker mount

All steps are not very difficult, but it took pretty much time spanning through several days:

  1. Measure speaker, plan sizes of needed beams.
  2. Cut wooden beam into pieces.
  3. Polish beams and round their edges using file.
  4. Using chisel, cut slots in brackets, where they will be connected with short beams.
  5. Drill holes in places of connections between beams and brackets.
  6. Glue dowels into beams and brackets and connect them to each other.
  7. Using Fostner bit, drill small hollows in beams for speaker legs.
  8. Paint everything. If needed, paint in several layers. Don't forget to wait until paint dries out before next layer. In my case, I painted three times to make speaker mount solid black.
  9. Finally, hang mounts to the wall using wall plugs and screws. Put speakers to them. Enjoy!

With speaker

General view with the table and everything

Side view


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